I want to drink the best beers out there.

But I also want to drink the worst beers. The ones people forget about. The middle of the packs, “old reliables” and “rares” so rare you would trade your first born son for.

I want to try them ALL. Give each a fair chance. Not listen to any of THE HYPE.

This blog is my journey through the ranks of some of the most highly touted Quads and even more of the most hated American Lagers.

I’m no professional. I make more jokes than valuable insight. No snobbery can be found here.

I encourage everyone to start their own beer journey.

And don’t discriminate based on the hype you’ve heard about a certain beer, good or bad, as you owe it at least a sip or two.

Forget about what’s on the label.

You may be missing out on something great.

Smile, raise your glass, and wear a blue shirt if you’re a douche!

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