Lakefront – Fixed Gear

Style: American Amber / Red Ale
ABV: 6.50%
Serving type: Bottle into pint glass

I’m not a hipster so I don’t really understand the obsession with fixed gear bicycles. Are you too good for modern breaking systems? In my day, we rode Huffy’s (Dyno’s and Mongoose’s if your parents actually loved you). We fit one on the handle bars and one on the pegs and rode all the way up to 7-11 just to get Slurpees! And we jumped homemade wooden ramps and failed miserably at grinding bike racks. Damn kids these days!

Dammit this beer has got my blood boiling from hipster rage! Good luck getting a good review now asshole!

I kid…I kid… This is actually a decent offering from Lakefront Brewery based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The beer starts with a deep cloudy red color with about a half inch of head that faded quickly. Great sticky lacing gets left behind like a prom night dumpster baby. Strong aroma of earthy and piney hops dominate the nose which eliminates any detectable malt presence that may be lying underneath.

The flavor is where you find that secret malt stash as it hits you upfront with a left hook and then follows with a decent hop bitterness uppercut. It tastes pretty piney at the end of the sip and it has a borderline copper taste in the finish, which I usually despise. Remember that date you had with the girl that was pretty cute but had a nose that was just a little too big for her face? The metal taste, much liker her gross nose, isn’t enough to make you dislike it, but it’s enough to think twice about a second date. Did I come off as a big enough asshole yet? Because rereading that comparison makes it seem like that was my end goal.

The beer has a light medium body with average carbonation. Easy to drink but nothing that really “wows” me.  As a beer ticker, I’m glad that I finally tried this one. It’s a decent offering but nothing I would really go out of my way for.

Now get out of my way cause I got to bust out some of my sweet BMX moves! Barspins all day!

Overall: 2.75/5 – Did I mention I hate hipsters?

Lakefront Brewery


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