Minhas – Rhinelander Chocolate Bunny American Stout

Style: American Stout
ABV: 5.50%
Serving type: Bottle into pint glass

I’ll just admit this to start things off so you know what kind of beer drinker I am.

Sometimes I buy beer based on the names or the label art. There I said it!

It’s terrible. It’s a recipe for disaster. But I continue to do it every once in a while and I pray that I’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s my version of playing the stock market. Sometimes I come through all roses and sunshine, and other times I’m quite literally pouring money down the drain. I’m happy to say that after seeing this beer at work everyday, I couldn’t take it making my mouth water anymore. I liked to think of the chocolately goodness possibilities this beer had. Turns out the possibilities were still there, but it just doesn’t deliver the way I had hoped.

The appearance starts off pitch black with an impressive three fingers of super creamy chocolate milk colored head. Nice lacing left behind when I swirled it around my glass. Nice strong start and definitely surpassed what I was expecting from this underdog.  The first few inhales I take are filled with mostly dark malts, coffee beans, and maybe only hints of chocolate in it. I was hoping the chocolate would dominate the beer, but it just doesn’t shine through.

The taste is all coffee, roasted malts, roasted nuts, and again, a small hint of chocolate. Subliminal chocolate taste maybe? It just seems like false advertising to put “chocolate” in the name and not deliver in the slightest. There was a bitter hop presence that crosses the finish line in last place. The beer pretty much falls into the standard stout expectations of medium bodied with good carbonation.

I liken this beer to when you were a little kid and wanted Oreos for your sleepover later that night. You got super excited when your mom got home with the groceries and snacks. You begin digging in pure excitement, with your eyes set on the delicious chocolatey goodness that only Oreos can deliver! You finally grab what you think is the Oreos, only to find generic Jewel brand ” Chocolate Sandwich Cremes.”

God dammit mom!

Overall, I got to say that the Chocolate Bunny name is a little misleading as chocolate is definitely not the primary flavor that comes out. But a 22 oz bomber that only costs $2.99,  and coming from a brewery better known for its “Axe Head” malt liquour, it was a decently drinkable stout.

Overall: 2.5/5 – Where’s the beef? chocolate?

Minhas Craft Brewery


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