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Boston Beer Company – Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Style: Fruit / Vegetable Beer
ABV: 5.30%
Serving type: Bottle into mason jar

Please excuse the terrible picture and the equally terrible review that is about to accompany it. I am reviewing this beer two months after actually tasting it on Christmas Eve. The picture is from my Blackberry at my grandma’s house, which just proves that even during family gatherings during holidays, I can’t go without trying a new beer and bashing it for my amusement. My review is coming from notes I jotted down on a cocktail wiener napkin that I proceeded to wipe my mouth with. So enough lowering your expectations, here is the sweet stuff.

I know the picture sucks, but this beer really does pour an extra hazy gold. It had an off-white head that stayed around for a good while. Pretty standard appearance for the style. Unfortunately the mason jar I was drinking out of looked like a little girl’s tea cup, so it made the overall presentation pretty sad. But I’m not rating my grandma’s drink wares, although if I was I would have to say it wasn’t Nanna’s strongest showing.

The beer smells pretty good actually. The name doesn’t disappoint at all as it has big cherry character to it with some nice hints of wheat and spice. Now you would think that would translate pretty well to the taste, but you would be sadly mistaken.  The taste is big and bold and doesn’t pull punches with the cherry taste.  My main beef with it is that it tastes way too artificial.  I love black cherry taste, but this is a little too much for my liking.

The carbonation and body of the beer were light and refreshing. I would usually give a beer like this an average rating, but I had to bump it for the cherry flavor. It was just too unpleasant and overpowering that I really didn’t want a second one.  But the Irish in me, combined with it being Christmas forced me grab a second one. Take two was a similar struggle and only reenforced my crappy attitude towards this beer and all my Christmas presents.

Overall: 2.0/5 – Nuclear cherry attack on Hiroshima!

Boston Beer Company

New Belgium – 1554

Style: Belgian Dark Ale
ABV: 5.60%
Serving type: Bottle into tulip glass

My favorite thing about New Belgium Brewing is that their beers are generally pretty tasty and style-standard enough to get non-craft beer drinkers to give it a try and experience a decent example of a new style other than American light lagers, aka hop water. As is the case, I had never tried a dark Belgian ale, so I assumed I should give 1554 a try to see what the style was like. If this is a standard version of the style, I think I will be a very big fan. Stay here while I grab my foam finger.

This is quite a beautiful beer to be quite frank. It’s a very dark brown with a finger of beautiful tan head that lasted a while before settling to a nice thin cap. It’s pretty enough to do modeling, but classy enough to not be a bitch about it. It had a great amount of lacing after each sip and looked pretty spectacular when held to the light.

I can’t think of a better way to describe the smell of the beer than dark. Does that make any sense? No, ok well then how about a backbone of toasted malts with chocolate. Hope that works because that’s as good as the description will get. I’ll just say it smells great and made me think of chocolate cake. The taste doesn’t let down with the chocolate cake theme as it has a nice balance of dark chocolate, coffee, toasted malt, and some alcohol. I’m actually somewhat surprised at how nicely balanced this is as it’s not overwhelmingly strong for how dark the appearance is. It has a  smooth and creamy texture which adds to the delectable character of the beer. It’s also somewhat light with mild carbonation so it goes down quite easily like your sister did after prom.

Overall I really liked this beer because it was dark with a sweet malt flavor without being too heavy or filling. I would definitely pick this brew up again if my sweet tooth was calling, but needed to satisfy my drunk tooth at the same time.

Overall: 4.0/5 – Should be renamed “Sexual Chocolate”

New Belgium Brewing

Sierra Nevada – Kellerweis Hefeweizen

Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 4.80%
Serving type: Bottle into pint glass

I honestly wish I could bake a cake out of this and eat it on my birthday.

It’s not fair this early in the blog to proclaim any beer as my favorite just yet. But if you held a gun or bazooka to my head, I would say this is damn near close!  I obviously love Hefe style beers and I don’t think I’ve come across one that represents the style better than Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis.

The pour is a really great hazy golden color with a little over one finger of creamy white head that stayed for quite a while. Hefes are unfiltered so you get all the nice yeasty particles and their subsequent flavors in full force.  This beer couldn’t look more fitting of a beer commercial if you put a bunch of hot coeds and a funny dog next to it.

The smell is so delicious that I want an air freshener in this scent for my car. It’s got some ripe bananas and great lemons and clove to it. It instantly makes me happy and daydream about frolicking in warm weather. I’m not sure I can adequately describe the taste of this beer. “Wow!” would be my closest descriptor. But my second attempt would be ripe bananas with some lemon and clove. It’s perfectly balanced and it doesn’t have one thing wrong with it that I can say. This review is pretty short and sweet.

Overall I’d say this beer drinks clean, crisp, smooth, and refreshing. Sort of like a beer version of 7UP. It’s got the perfect amount of carbonation to it. Sort of like 7UP. At under 5% alcohol, it makes the perfect beer for drinking all day long.  Not unlike… well know where this joke is going.

Overall: 4.75/5 – Es ist so gut Sie nachschlagen möchten die deutsche Übersetzung für genial auf Google.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company