Boulder Beer Company – Mojo IPA

Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.20%
Serving type: Bottle into pint glass

Let me point something out right off the bat here…. even though I have this beer rated as “bad” it is far from one of the worst beers I’ve ever had.  In fact I spent weeks upon weeks debating if this should be “bad” or “average”. I lost sleep, friends, and precious “alone” time trying to decide. In the end I went with bad for the fact that I probably won’t drink this any time soon if I have other options. Let me explain my thought process though.

The beer started pretty unimpressive right off the bat to be honest.  It was a hazy golden color with maybe a half finger of off-white head that died down faster than my childhood dreams of being a T-Rex when I grew up. It left some clear lacing behind, but even that didn’t really stick very well. I will say the smell somewhat made up for the poor start however. It had a pretty big nose of oranges and grapefruits which I think provided me with my recommended dose of Vitamin C just by smelling it.

The taste of this beer is hops. That’s all really and it’s the reason behind why I rated this brew somewhat lower. Here’s my thing… it seems like lots of breweries are trying to one up each other in the hops department, while seemingly forgetting that beer should be somewhat balanced and not just make you feel like you swallowed a pine cone .  I’m fully aware this is an IPA and I’m also aware that I’m not a diehard of the style. But gimmie a break! In my opinion the malt profile in this beer is more elusive than Waldo! Not quite as elusive as Carmen Sandiego though.

If I enjoyed the taste more I would say that the drinkability was pretty good. It was a light to medium body and had pretty good carbonation.  With that said, I poured the last quarter of it out. Again, not because it was that bad… I just didn’t feel the need to finish it. I think it worked better on unclogging my kitchen drain anyway.

Overall: 2.25/5 – Where’d the malt go?!

Boulder Beer Company


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