Blue Moon – Winter Abbey Ale

Style: Dubbel
ABV: 5.60%
Serving type: Bottle into pint glass

Let me start off by saying that I love Blue Moon Belgian White. I’m far from a beer snob, so I don’t care if someone catches me with an orange on the rim of my beer. I mostly care about taste and not much can top a Blue Moon on a warm summer night with some good friends. That being said, I don’t think I would serve this Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale to any of my friends on a cold winter night, for fear that they wouldn’t want to be my friends anymore.

The beer started off with a nice copper color and an impressive one finger of foamy white head. It was impressive until it vanished quickly after about 30 seconds of settling down. The lacing wasn’t very impressive either so the look of the beer was already disappointing me.

I took a whiff of the brew and was little perplexed. I couldn’t smell much more than that patented average “beer smell.” I made out some dark malts and brown sugar, but it was weak and hard to really appreciate. For a Dubbel, I was hoping for some kind of fruity smells to it, but it was impossible to even trick myself into smelling them. I thought maybe after a sip or two I could pick up more of the character. Well it definitely had the toasted malts down with a toffee kick. There might have even been some spices in there that I couldn’t distinguish completely. Nothing like I was hoping for though.

The body of the beer itself was pretty watery for how dark the beer looked and it had very little carbonation. I was pretty underwhelmed with this effort by Coors. It sort of reminded me of a Coors heavy, in the sense that it wasn’t light enough to play beer pong with, but it didn’t taste good enough to want to sip a six pack all night. I’ll be staying away from this one in the future.

The irony of it all is that I’ve had a framed painting of this beer hanging in my room for a few years now. I’ve always respected Blue Moon, but had never sampled this offering until now. Though I won’t be taking the picture down, I’ll be waiting for summer to switch back to my beloved Belgian White.

Overall: 2.00/5 – No thanks!

Blue Moon Brewing Company

Best $3 I ever spent at Swap-o-Rama!


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